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Product DescriptionFeature:Simple operations: button can be easily made all the operations.Semiconductor Sensor:Professional airway design with high-precision semiconductor sensor.LCD screen: With orange backlight LCD display, it will be much easier for the night display.Portable and Compact: W..
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Product DescriptionFeatures:Advanced flat surfaced alcohol sensor.Quick response and resume.SMD assembling, stable performance.MCU control.Direct testing process LCD indication,BAC 0.000%,0.00 %0,mg/l.One key operating.Digital LCD display with Red backlight.360 degree rotating mouthpiece.Portab..
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Product DescriptionDescription :Digital LED Display Alcohol Detector Tester Test Machine Breathalyser With Box- It is a good helper expecially when you need to drive after drink. After that, please don't drink and drive. It is very dangerous to drive after drink.- HD LED display screen. Con..
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