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Product DescriptionDescription: CD4013 is a dual D flip-flop consisting of two identical and independent data flip-flops. When the rising edge of the clock is triggered, the logic level added to the D input terminal is sent to the Q output terminal. Setting and resetting are not related to..
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Product DescriptionFeatures: 1. The secondary vocational schools of electronic technology curriculum integration teaching theory and practice;2. Students, vocational students to experiment and training, electronic teaching technology training courses;3. The electronics enthusiasts self-pra..
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Product DescriptionDescription: This suite is a basic experimental suite of digital circuits. Through this suite, we can understand the analog circuit structure and working principle of the gate, or gate, and non-gate composed of discrete components. Through the analysis of circuit princip..
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Product DescriptionDescription:The newly developed primary coil of this product is already in the PCB board, no need to be wound on the outside, which is convenient for the fans to install, high efficiency and beautiful. It is a new design. This Tesla coil is safe and will not be electricity. t..
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Product DescriptionDescription: Work effect: clap hands, LED light, and then clap out, so cycle, high sensitivity, about 4 meters clap hands can be controlledCircuit description: this circuit is mainly composed of audio amplification circuit and bistable trigger circuit. Q1 and Q2 constitu..
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Product DescriptionDescription: PCB size: diameter 50mmPCB Material: single sided 1.4mm FR-4 sheetSupply voltage: 5VLED quantity: 10 5mmLEDLED color: red, yellow, green, blue, white. Package Included:10 x DIY Colorful Acoustic Rotating LED Lamp Kit ..
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Product DescriptionDescription: This module uses PWM (pulse width modulation) to control the speed of the motor, adjust the duty cycle of pulse width to make the speed change from 0 to maximum. The wider the width of control waveform peak, the faster the motor speed; conversely, the wider ..
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Product DescriptionFeatures: AC and DC input available, polarity input, the board will not burn.Board FR4 fiberglass board with high-quality production, the factory every piece of PCB board have been flying probe test.Above-board direct printing element has parameters, the next circuit dia..
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Product DescriptionDescription: Working voltage: DC2V – 15VBoard size: 23 x 27mmThe circuit is a typical self-excited multi-resonance circuit, the circuit suite is simple, easy to understand, interesting, rich theoretical knowledge, especially suitable for beginners to assemble and u..
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Product DescriptionDescription: The kit is a circuit for a bell that can make "ding, dong" sound.It is composed of a time base circuit integrated block and peripheral components.It has a beautiful sound quality, easy to install, low cost and low power consumption.Its working volt..
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Product DescriptionDescription: The circuit is composed of very small peripheral components such as main chip NE555, resistor R1-R9, C1 and so on. The oscillation frequency is determined by the resistance value of resistance R1-R8. The frequency is chosen by S1-S8 touch button training. By..
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Product DescriptionDescription: Q1 is an excitation amplifier, which gives enough driving signal to the output stage of power amplification; R1 and RP2 are the bias resistors of Q1; R3, D1 and RP3 are connected in series on Q1 collector circuit to provide bias for Q3, so that it can be in ..
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